1. Pigmentation Reduction System – Superficial

Skin pigmentation demands special care, and at Kaya Skin Clinic, experts have designed this unique service to help you get rid of dark spots, age-related spots, and other pigmentation issues to give you bright and radiant skin.

What To Expect?

The service combines highly developed technology and carefully chosen ingredients to make your skin brighter. This involves:

  • An Intense Clarity peel developed by the dermatologists at Kaya.
  • A unique combination of derma peels and botanical extracts that contains skin lightening and de-pigmentation agents.
  • Improving the skin tone by enhancing your skin regeneration process.
  • Botanical extracts that help in inhibiting excess melanin production.

It claims to give you visible results within two weeks. The cream contains phytic and azelaic acids that give an even toned look to your skin. You have to buy the product and use at home. It’s safe and does not affect your daily schedule.

2. Insta Clarity Laser Action

The Pigmentation Reduction System – Superficial service by Kaya is also available with the option of laser therapy. This service reduces pigmentation and unwanted spots on your skin with the help of an Insta Clarity Laser (Q-Switch Laser).

For Anti-Aging

For Anti-Aging

3. Youth Brilliance – Early Signs

This is a unique service that combines multiple specialized services for controlling early signs of aging. Each service is selected carefully based on the specific benefits.

What To Expect?

They use an Intense Clarity Peel. This tri-active combination peel system has been developed after thorough research. This peel reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves the skin texture, and gives you relatively younger looking skin. The specialty of this service includes:

  • Derma Peels: To exfoliate the skin exfoliation and reduce uneven patches.
  • Botanical Whitening Agents: To reduce age spots and pigmentation.
  • Wrinkle Lift Mask: To reduce wrinkles and make your skin firm and smooth.

4. Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy – Anti-Aging Facial

This beauty facial is specially designed for aging skin. This anti-aging facial nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes your skin and makes it feel rejuvenated. This is a 4-step therapy, and the key ingredient used in this facial is freshly harvested seaweed.

What To Expect?

The 4-layer anti-aging facial involves:

  • Using seaweed filtrate to soften the lines on your face, even out the skin tone, and enhance the moisturization level of your skin.
  • The Kaya signature massage using a hydrating formula for boosting skin elasticity.
  • A seaweed face mask for calming your skin, hydrating it, and improving the clarity of your skin tone.
  • A final mineral mask for activating the skin revitalizing properties of the seaweed mask.

After this facial, you will notice a drastic improvement in your skin texture and skin tone.

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