There are a lot of reasons more men are getting cosmetic procedures. Probably the largest reason is cultural. It is simply more culturally acceptable for men to do things to improve their appearance these days, other than just going to the gym to exercise. In addition, as techniques become less invasive, it makes it much more possible for them to do procedures that no one will know about. As a society, we are also blurring the boundaries more and more around what is strictly female and strictly male behavior. Cosmetic procedures are a natural extension from this blurring of the lines.

What are the top male cosmetic procedures?

  • Generally speaking, the most common procedure done on men parallels what is most common for women, namely Botox and fillers. The difference is that men frequently need to get more units of Botox into the glabellar area (between the eyebrows) and crow’s feet. I prefer to put a total of 25 units often in men’s glabellar areas. In women, I usually put in 20 units. Also in the crow’s feet, men usually need a total of 25 units total on both crow’s feet, rather than the usual 20  units that women usually receive. Men frequently don’t want brow elevation in the lateral third as women do since men natural have a more horizontal eyebrow appearance.
  • Men of course also see me for tattoo removal (we have the very best tattoo removal laser – the Picosure laser) and laser hair removal – especially on their backs and chest (I use the Cynosure Elite laser).
  • More men are getting laser facials and regular facials to keep their facial skin looking shiny and healthy. Also laser treatment for the spider veins on their faces is also quite common.
  • Sculpsure (non-invasive way to reduce fat, which is better than Coolsculpt) is very popular for both men and women since both sexes want to reduce fat in a select area. The areas will be different typically for men versus women. Men tend to want fat reduced in their abdomen, love-handles (flanks) and sometimes chest area, whereas women will also do thighs, bra fat, knees and upper arms. The other option is using Smartlipo to treat these areas. Not surprisingly, I have a number of both men and women who are using my Paleo Meal Replacement to help them lose weight.
  • A nice option for men who do not want to have a facelift is a neck z-plasty. These scars tend to fade well and are less invasive and less expensive than a facelift, when the main problem is loose neck skin.

The most common surgical procedures in my practice are Smartlipo (laser liposuction) and male breast reduction (gynecomastia). Less common for men in my practice are tummy tucks for those with undesirable loose skin.

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